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Alright, so all of these classmates/villagers are from a series called “Magician’s Quest”, and while only the first one came out in the US, it is incredibly popular in Japan. 
In the series, which is similar to Animal Crossing, you may:
- date your classmates, such as above
(For real, look at all of these adorable classmates that you can date!)
- preform magic
- solve mysteries and help mythical creatures
- and more

However, there have been more games released in Japan, especially the latest one for the 3ds, which allows you to explore others towns, and has new classmates to date such as the above!
We need your help though.
Without any support, there is little to no chance the latest game will be translated and brought out of Japan. 

This is where you come in: 
If you wanna date these adorable bats and more, all while exploring, preforming magic, and visiting other monsters and your friends’ towns, we need your help with the petition.

Thank you!

Update: At 144 signatures!!

Update #2: Almost to 500 signatures! Thank you so much for all of your support so far!



Taichi, Seventeen, High school days

2015 Spring

Digimon is coming back

New Digimon series announced

Taichi’s High school days—essentially an Adventure 03

Hopefully we get to see the growing pains of the human world and the Digital world and how things don’t always merge together so quickly. Hopefully we’ll get to see the beginnings of Taichi as the ambassador of the human and digital world

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